domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

''The other Earth'' : Synopsis

How many times, as children, did we travel across the universe?

“A voice called her name. Little girl opened her eyes in fright. This voice seemed both familiar and unknown. Her eyes searched the dark shadows for the origin of that voice. Suddenly, he jumped out from the shadows and appeared right in front of her. So quickly that she had to squint several times before fixating her eyes on him. His face radiated light, and was smiling. He was small, just like her, almost the same size. And he was beautiful. The little girl had not ever seen such a beautiful little boy. What’s that boy doing there? Why was he calling her? Does he want to be her friend? Those were the questions she formulated in her head while her heart beat strongly.”

This is the history of Pilar, a middle class little girl, and her encounters with Remy, his "imaginary friend", who comes to her aid in her moments of sadness and loneliness. With every encounter with this boy, Pilar experiences moments of joy that leave her with an important learning. After growing up, she is not sure if what she had live has been fantasy or reality.  A book for kids? Rather it’s a story dedicated to the inner child that lives in each one of us, to let us remember love and innocence in its purest state. 

"The other Earth" is the first in the "Children of light" series. This series tells magical stories from small children’s point of view. Through these magical stories, adults will experience the wish of being kids again, and children will simply enjoy being kids.

This book is available on Amazon , in paperback. It has 221 pages and is recommended to all ages.

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